Tripped - Unboxed


Tripped has been producing hard Industrial electronic music for over 17 years. Releasing a ton of quality EPs and 12" records ranging from full force terror to slow industrial techno. Always pushing forward perfecting his unique signature sound no matter what style or BPM range.
Now after 17 years we are super excited to be able to present his first ever full length album, on PRSPCT recordings.
Unboxed by Tripped is a 3 x 12" vinyl album + Poster consisting of 13 tracks that take the listener on one giant musical journey passing all corners of the Tripped galaxy. From experimental noisy industrial tracks like "Pain" & "909PM". To speeding up the pace on a track like "Fartbox" while throwing in some heavy pounding schranz on "Shinjuku Heat". Bringing back the oldschool vibes on "Misfits" together with ISR legend Lenny Dee and then going full force hardcore/breakcore war mode on "Kapsalon". This album just keeps the listener moving, never a dull moment, pure adrenaline & excitement.
Here at PRSPCT we gave Unboxed by Tripped a 5 star rating on Yelp. It's simply that F-ing good!
Now go buy the record or spend the rest of your life full of regret.. Trust us.. You don't want that..


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