What began as a platform for hard drum & bass in 2002 has since expanded into a noisy no-borders music label. PRSPCT Recordings supports quality releases from electronic music rebels across the globe. Join the movement!


PRSPCT Radio is an award-winning 24/7 streaming radio station hosted by PRSPCT artists, friends and family. Listen to live sets covering the PRSPCT hard electronic music spectrum, and beyond! The station’s weekly schedule includes artist interviews, talk shows, plus some very special features going beyond music.


PRSPCT has been programming quality underground club events since 2002. It’s now a world-touring rave like no other, returning every year to the Maassilo in Rotterdam for its annual XL blow-out.


Covering the broad spectrum of hard electronic music, the PRSPCT Agency is home to forward-thinking artists, live acts and MCs who share PRSPCT’s renegade mindset. REVOLT REBEL RESIST!