Ritchie Gambino - The Schizophrenic Persona Of Drokz EP


Ritchie Gambino - The Schizophrenic Persona Of Drokz 12" Vinyl EP.

Dutch Hardcore Icon Drokz blew our minds when he sent us this killer debut 4 track EP under his Ritchie Gambino alias. Drokz is one of the most respected artists in the hardcore scene. Most fans, artists, music lovers, friends & foe's, know him for his fast and furious terror releases as Drokz but under his Ritchie Gambino alias he slows down the tempo, digging deep into the more industrial pounding side of hardcore & techno. Paying homage to the classics while keeping it fresh, new and exciting.

Sure we f*ing love Drokz when he crushes it at 200+ BPM but damn do we also love it when he goes in slow, deep, hard & rough as Ritchie Gambino.

A1 The League with Satan
A2 I Am Your Boss
B1 I'm Sick Of All The Lies
B2 Humanoids Must Not Escape

Release Date: May 12th 2023 

All songs written & produced by Richard Koek aka Drokz Mastering by Fred Meijer Artwork by Kwanto Logic**



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