The Satan - Gangzta Cash EP (PRSPCTXTRM048)

€9,99 €11,29
For PRSPCT XTRM 048 we wanted to go full throttle, balls out and as XTRM possible. Who better to ask for this mission then the diabolical dark lord of the underworld himself? Lucky for us over here at PRSPCT we signed a contract in blood and sold our souls many years ago so our lines to The Satan are pretty short. We called him up one day and the conversation went something like this:
Mr Satan; Can you cook us up a gangzta as f*** PRSPCT XTRM release fueled by an onslaught of murderous kick drums, cut throat snares and all other things great about the more alternative forces of hardcore?
His reply: “No problem!”
So now all of you know the story behind The Satan’s Gangzta Cash EP. Grab it while its hot as hellfire!
A1: Gangzta Cash
B1: Fear
B2: Bring On Destruction
Available as 12" colored Vinyl & digital formats.
Release: 11 October 2019

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