The DJ Producer – Can’t Describe It

Man… Some days it feels like everything is fucked up and there is no fucking hope. Turn on the news or social media pff… I wanted (and almost have a few times) to destroy my phone or throw a brick through my TV. Its 2020 goddammit and a big part of the world is still run by selfish sexist incapable inhumane racist idiots and their idiot following. Its depressing as fuck. Will humanity ever become truly humane?!
Not everything in the world sucks balls of course. There is a lot of awesomeness also. To much to mention in a promo text and as this was supposed to be a promo text about a new release il focus on the awesomeness and power of great music for now
Thank fuck there is still a ton of great music being written by genuine artists from all across the globe in all genres that actually do give a fuck and this brand new 2 track vinyl EP by The DJ Producer is the Hardcore proof of that.
Blasting these tracks loud gets your blood pumping, recharges your energy levels big time and makes you want to smash the fuck out of everything and everyone that puts you and your fellow man down. Well.. it for sure has this effect on me and as its me writing this all you will get to read is my opinion. Sorry not sorry!
The DJ Producer is a legend and has been a force to recon with for well over 2 decades. Unlike some veterans this hot piece man meat still keeps reinventing himself, pushing the envelope with every new piece of music he creates. That’s what true artists do. They push boundaries and keep their hearts and souls in it full force till the bitter fucking end and amen for that.
So yeah.. About this record:
– Can’t Describe It (Finally) is a killer uplifting Rave slammer using a classic sample from the past in a track for the future.
– Cant Fuck With Me on the flip is a 210 BPM UK Hardcore Techno banger that embodies everything great about that signature UK sound filled with a ton of Fuck you’s for that extra dose of Fuck Off Power.
No A or B sides on this Pink Punk as Fuck vinyl. This one is AA all the fucking way!
Blast these fuckers loud & proud people. This ain’t no easy listening elevator music I can tell you…
A1: Can’t Describe It (Finally)
B1: Can’t Fuck With Me
Release: 31 July 2020
Designed by Melly M.
Mastering by The DJ Producer.

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