TDC INC - Corporate Offering 01 (limited hand stamped, numbered & signed)

PRSPCT received the following ‘memo’ from TDC INC. regarding their new EP:
TDC INC. (non-hierarchical/non-liable)
DATE 25 JUNE 2021
Dear visitor,
We are excited that you have developed an interest in our product ‘Corporate Offering 1’. Ownership of this product will place you at the helm of corporate culture. All your friends will be in awe by your consumption. Trust us.
‘Corporate Offering 1’ was exposed to an artificial scarcity treatment, as guided by principal marketing regulations that The Organization celebrates. It hence comes with a numbered, signed and stamped Statement of Purchase (SoP), in addition to sound on both sides of the product. Without the SoP, the product is invalid. There is no other way.
Needless to say, your future ownership of ‘Corporate Offering 1’ is unconditional. This is important.
If you wish to become a Cog in The Organization, please type in your browsing device and fill out the paperwork. It is not a lot, but it is important.
Thank you for your expectations, which will be justified.
Release date: June 25th 2021

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