After a small hiatus, SSSPCR is focusing on a series of new material. Both tunes have their foundations removed from the dead centre of techno music, but are returning to ominous dancefloor cadency. On the A side of this EP we have the track "Choke" by Casimir Desmet. A track containing a variety of hardcore ingredients, taking the listener back to the glory days of the genre. If it were experienced on valium that is.. “Boiling Bodies of Blood“ by the Belgian producer Anthony Van Linthout is one of his most oppressive grooves. His excitement for percussion is madly insistent and so is the infernal synth groove, which uncovers a mild mental issue with its endless repetition.

12" Vinyl + Digital Release


A: [KRTM] - Choke

B: TWAN - Boiling Bodies Of Blood

Release date: 19-01-2024

Credits: "Choke" written & producer by Casimir Desmet "Boiling Bodies Of Blood" written & produced by Anthony Van Linthout

Artwork by Casimir Desmet

Digital sales link is here:

Soundcloud link for the clips:


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