The 5 record "R-ZAC - OUT OF OUR BOX SET " is a remastered collection of some of the best and most sought after tracks that were previously released on the Network 23 label, run by R-Zac & Jeff 23 from 1994 till 1996.

This box set also contains a selection of tracks originally dating back from 1996 till 2000. The post Network 23 and Spiral Tribe era, when R-Zac began their long run of solo releases as Crystal Distortion and 69db. It was a time of pioneering the Hard-tec and Tribe genres. A time when tracks were improvised and no cuts were possible. It was their music in its rawest origin. The music that went on to become the blueprint for the Free Party sound of the 1990's and beyond.

A1: Radio Ham
A2: Rock Stars On 33
B1: Easter 92
B2: Working In Confined Spaces
C1: Apocalyptic Heroes
D1: 1996 Stink
D2: Unreleased
E1: Out Of The Blue
E2: Just Pop It On
F1: Waldorf Acid Salad
F2: Expect The Unexpected
G1: Four 2
G2: Black Plastic
H1: Fuck The Cover Side
H2: 123% Repetitive (DJ Edit)
I1: Ekat Sgurd
J1: Hard N Tribal
J2: SF Trax

Release Date: 09-06-2023

All tracks written & produced by Simon Carter & Sebastian Vaughan.
All tracks remastered by Stefan ZMK


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