Neurocore - Existences LP

"Existences" is the highly anticipated first album by Neurocore, a talented French artist known for his thought-provoking compositions. This album is a culmination of years of introspection and exploration into the complexities of human existence. During the Covid lockdown, Neurocore found himself with the precious gift of time, allowing him to delve deep into his creative process and tackle profound questions through music.

Each of the 13 tracks on the album tells a story, evoking emotions and painting vivid sonic landscapes. The cover art, meticulously crafted by URRU, captures the essence of the album's concept - a mesmerizing blue vortex symbolizing the unknown and the powerful energy that draws us towards it.

Neurocore breaks free from the confines of being labeled solely as a "speedcore producer." Instead, he presents a diverse array of electronic compositions that transcend trends and embrace the full spectrum of human emotions. Rejecting the notion that hardcore music is only dark and brutal, Neurocore sees it as a representation of the inner beauty within every human being.

"Existences" invites listeners to interpret and create their own stories, as music has the power to evoke personal experiences and emotions. With this remarkable album, Neurocore celebrates the diverse facets of existence and invites us to embark on a profound sonic journey.

3x12" album + digital release
Including an A5 insert with a personal note from Neurocore

01 Incarnation
02 Synchronicities
03 All Or Nothing
04 Le Souffle De L'Effroi
05 Dust From Pyramids
06 Dunes
07 Premonitions
08 L'Infini Turbulent
09 Coma
10 I'm Fading Away
11 Energy Never Dies
12 Dawn Of The Rising Spirits
13 To the light (Digital Only)

releases July 7th 2023


All tracks written and produced by Neurocore
Mastering by Studio Voltaire
Graphic design by URRU

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