Mü & Mike Redman – Mentalmorphosis (PRSPCTSUB004)

€6,66 €9,99
Mü is the project of Julien Chastagnol (Ruby My Dear) and drummer Xavier Coriat (RDS Lobe / Cellscape). Their music is powerful, surgical sounding and intelligent. It’s a hybrid of styles, a genre for which a new name should be invented. With ‘Mentalmorphosis’, MÜ invited music veteran Mike Redman (Deformer) to lay down the vocals. The lyrics and their delivery are as unconventional as the music and bring much depth to the tracks. This is an example where vocals and sound reinforce each other. ‘Mentalmorphosis’ will make your thoughts evolve and change your mind state. It soaks you up, spits you out and you’ll love it!
A1: Frequencies
A2: The Riddle
B1: Suicide Soundtrack
B2: Whore
Available as 10″ Vinyl & digital formats.
Release: 26 January 2018


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