Doormouse - Breakcore

For years it felt like something was missing... The world was a sad empty void. Music had become boring. Wrestling just wasn't the same anymore and even same sex marriage had come under threat in the US of A. Troubling times!
Planet Earth was in desperate need of a hero to rise up out of retirement and make Breakcore and the whole fracking world great again.
Doormouse was his name and doing push ups while dropping kickdrums is his game.
Back with a 6 track vinyl EP on PRSPCT recordings perfectly capturing the best and worse this Breakcore hero has to offer.
Featuring his MTV hit "Sax Me Hard" of course!
Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear gym clothes and do squats.
The world already feels like a better place. Thank the gods of thunder for Doormouse!
Release Date: 11th Janurary 2023


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