Dolphin - The Mixtape Album


Get your air horns out, raving crew! UK's finest orchestra conductor Dolphin dropping a fresh new mixtape to spice up your days! Taking inspiration from 90s hip hop mixtapes, this 14 track album is packed with dancefloor bangers, dubious samples, lousy life quotes, bad jokes and even worse skits. All designed to be played as one long continuous mix or as separate tracks. Whichever rocks your lifeboat! Known for his emotional hardcore beats, Dolphin switches up the vibe with a more lighthearted and playful vibe while still keeping it hardcore.

This Mixtape Album covers a wide range of influences, from minimal techno to juke, disco vibes to oldskool rave, and even some classic 90s trance. Putting his own twist on it all through his signature industrial hardcore sound.

To make the experience complete, we are dropping as a mega limited edition USB cassette tape bombed with awesome artwork by Nils van Lingen! This one's for the die hard collectors, so don't sleep on it!


Release date: 31st of March 

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