Densha Crisis - Eternal Idols


Densha Crisis has been on our radar for many many years and now it's finally happening.

A full artwork 4 track 12" vinyl EP titled "Eternal Idols" on motherlicking PRSPCT recordings. Hurray!
Yeah, there's distorted kickdrums. Yeah, there's a ton of industrial racket going on. Yeah, it pounds hard. Blablabla...

These 4 tracks contain all the cool stuff every Industrial Hardcore sales text mentions to describe the music they are selling.
But you know what? The Eternal Idols EP by Densha Crisis does all these things, but BETTER!

Yep, you're reading this correctly and nope, we are not boasting; We're truthing. It's a killer EP. Ice cold fact!

Release Date: 10th of March

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