Deathmachine - Mutability LP

€12,50 €14,95
Deathmachine presents his second album, Mutability, a concept record reflecting on the hidden power of technology. Diving deeper into the themes of Engines Of Creation, Deathmachine’s debut album released in 2013, Mutability considers society's present dependence on technology before casting off into an imagined future that is either advanced, destroyed or liberated by escalating automation. Mutability is Deathmachine’s most musically diverse and accomplished record to date, featuring ‘classic’ Deathmachine-style hardcore drum & bass with newer excursion into in grimey halftime ("Show Me The Truth"), techno ("Resilient”) and more poignant forms of drum & bass ("Atoms of Honesty”).
Artwork Design: Krytika
Hitting the streets December 3rd on 3 x 12inch Vinyl + CD and CD. First 50 copies are handsigned!

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