Coco Bryce - My Space

In the heart of the cosmos, a tale unfolds. It begins with "My Space," where ethereal synths weave a cosmic tapestry, guiding you through distant galaxies. As you journey further, "Satan" emerges, beckoning you to dance with the darkness itself, under the canopy of sadistic beats.

Venturing deeper into the EP, "Get Stupid" takes you to an enigmatic dimension, where gravity-defying rhythms entice you to embrace your wildest instincts. In "Yallah" the atmosphere shifts, transporting you to a mystical oasis where sonic mirages shimmer in the desert of sound.

And just when you thought the adventure reached its pinnacle, "Can't Get Enough" mesmerizes with its infectious grooves, leaving you irresistibly addicted to the sonic enchantment.

Turns out Coco Bryce is more than just a hot piece of man meat. On "My Space" this enigmatic master of sound once again harnesses the forces of the universe to craft five enthralling compositions. His boundless creativity and passion for exploration shine through in every beat, taking you on a euphonic jungle expedition like no other.

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12" Vinyl + Digital ReleaseTracklist:A1 Coco Bryce - My SpaceA2 Coco Bryce - SatanA3 Coco Bryce - Get StupidB1 Coco Bryce - YallahB2 Coco Bryce - Can't Get Enough
All tracks written, produced and mixed by Yoël Yaïr at Myor Studios, Jew York
Approved by Darlin G at PRSPCT, Rotterdam
Nuff respect to Bizzy B, Can't Get Enough
Photos by Rosa Meininger
Mastered by Hue Jah Fink at Binary Feedback

Cut by Simon at The Exchange Pressed at Record Industry


Releases September 22, 2023

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