Apzolut - Bloody Caribbean Giant Worship EP

Apzolut is one of those artists that has always had a special spot in our hearts here at PRSPCT.
Literally a giant.. This talented artist (born and raised in the Caribbean) has been producing a ton of killer tunes for many years now.
Mashing up breakcore, jungle, metal + much more in his own unique way.
On Bloody Caribbean Giant Worship EP Apzolut takes us on a full force Jungle trip. 7 high energy hardcore rave breakbeat bangers filled with all the right ingredients to keep you on your dancing feet. Seriously.. If you don't instantly start nodding your head or tapping your feet while listening to these tunes. There is something VERY wrong with you and you need to go see a doctor!

6 solo tracks + a killer remix by original Rotterdam rude boy FFF.
No fillers. These tracks are ALL killers!

12" vinyl + digital sales

A1: Out Of The Boat
A2: Ayoo
A2: Restaurant Jungle
B1: Restaurant Jungle (FFF Remix)
B2: Vinyl Sniffah
B3: Brassbreaks
Digital Bonus Track: Bwee

releases June 30, 2023

Mastering by  Hue Jah Fink @ Binary Feedback Mastering
Artwork by Kwanto Logic

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