Akira & Bryan Fury - Body Slam Musik EP (PRSPCTXTRM045)

For PRSPCT XTRM 045 me managed to get to absolute legends when it comes to full force broken up out of the box Hardcore to collab & create an absolute monster EP. Akira and Bryan Fury have been in the game since the stone age. But unlike many artists these boys did not stand still. These boys have kept on innovating and perfecting their signature sound. No simple 4/4 hardcore here. Hell no!
This is pure uncut top notch UK infused broken up hardcore like only a hand full of producers are even capable of creating. A full artwork 3 track vinyl you need in your life. Thats a FACT!
A1: Akira & Bryan Fury – Nutz Drillah
B1: Bryan Fury – Lethal Drilla
B2: Akira – Body Slam Musik
Available on 12″ Vinyl & digital formats.
Release: 10 May 2019

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