Mike Redman - Roffadamn Jungle

PRSPCT Recordings and Redrum Recordz are a match made in the underground.

They bring you another groundbreaking release, this time building sonic bridges between the UK and The Netherlands.

Dutch Jungle legend Mike Redman is known for internationally spreading the Hardcore Jungle gospel as Deformer, Voodoom and under his own name since the early 90’s.

Recently his well received ‘Roffadamn Jungle’ track set international dance-floors on fire while paying tribute to the nightlife connoisseurs of bygone times, mixing UK inspired Jungle with uncompromising Rotterdam Hardcore.

This time around he’s supported by the most legendary artists in the field providing stunning remixes. Such as UK Drum ‘n Bass heroes Bizzy B and Ed Rush, both founders of the genre, providing remixes that knock you off your socks. He’s also teamed up with hardcore legends Akira, Rotterdam Terror Corps as well as Mackadena providing that original sound of Rotterdam. Not to mention Redman’s own ear-shattering remix under his alias Deformer, making this album a must-have for anyone that likes it ruff. By the way, the cover art by legendary graffiti artist Cosh is worth framing too!

2x12" vinyl + digital release

01 Mike Redman - Roffadamn Jungle [Original]
02 Mike Redman - Roffadamn Jungle [Instrumental]
03 Mike Redman - Roffadamn Jungle [Bizzy B Remix]
04 Mike Redman - Roffadamn Jungle [Deformer Remix]
05 Mike Redman - Roffadamn Jungle [Ed Rush Remix]
06 Mike Redman - Roffadamn Jungle [Mackadena's IllyNoiz Remix]
07 Mike Redman - Roffadamn Jungle [Rotterdam Terror Corps Remix]
08 Mike Redman - Roffadamn Jungle [Akira's Concrete Jungle Remix]

Releases August 4th 2023

PRSPCT 298 / Redrum Recordz 064

Executive producer: Mike Redman
Vocals by Bigman Scep, Swift, Dart and Mike Redman
Cuts on "Mackadena's IllyNoiz Remix" by Eni-less
Cover art by Cosh
Mastering by SMAC
Original photography by Fary Kalloe
DJ mobile by Olaf Mooij

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