Hellfish - Allstar Wankers


From the kill or be killed gang land streets of Wickford, all the way to the swanky coke infested PRSPCT Rotterdam offices.. Hellfish stoops to a depraved level with this ruthless stab in the back to some of the biggest hardcore wankers around. Grab a copy before the legal wankers get the release pulled.

12" Vinyl + Digital Release

A1 Hellfish - Wickford Wankers 
A2 Hellfish - Cocaine WankerB1 Hellfish - Rolex Wanker 
B2 Hellfish (Feat. Mr.Tea) - Massive WankerCredits:All tracks, artwork, snacks, and mastering done by the ultra wanker aka Hellfish @ the Vesdun Animal House.For complaints, claims and genetal inquiries, contact noreply@prspct.f.u


Release date: October 20th 2023

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