Coco Bryce & Tommy The Cat - Coco And The Cat EP (PRSPCTRVLT025)

For PRSPCT RVLT 025 we traveled deep down into the darkest parts of jungle in search of: Jungle. It was a harsh, heavy and above all an expensive journey that to be honest, only taught us something we knew already.. Jungle is MASSIVE!
Turns out we should have looked way closer to home as some of the hottest Jungle out there gets produced in our own home country “The Netherlands”. We could have known this of course. Come on, we release great records by Dutch artists all the time. As the legendary quote goes: “If it ain’t Dutch it sure as f*** ain’t much!”
We’re pleased to introduce Coco Bryce’ & Tommy The Cat’s ‘Coco And The Cat‘ EP.
A1: Tommy The Cat – Enter The Shogun
A2: Tommy The Cat – No Mercy On The Badman
B1: Coco Bryce – Talkin Bout My Generation
B2: Coco Bryce – Come On Feet
Available as 12″ Vinyl & digital formats.
Release: 08 November 2019

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