Catscan & Starving Insect - Wisdom From The Waste EP


Extra extra, read all about it!

Get ready for the long-awaited release of the extraordinary collaborations by Catscan and Starving Insect!
After numerous requests from dedicated fans, foes, moms, dads, cats & dogs... We are thrilled to present these renowned artists' digital top 40 hits, "Rainmaker" and "Cursed", now meticulously pressed onto black gold.

But that's not all... Alongside these digital favorites this release boasts two brand new tracks to blast through your speakers.

Catscan and Starving Insect combine forces on "Merged With Silence". Defying categorization and seamlessly blending the power of PCP doom and millennium hardcore.

Starving Insect's solo track "The Spike Fields", is a raw and minimalistic filterkick hardcore creation that captivates and energizes in equal measure.

5 out of 5 rating on Yelp aka You NEED this in your life people!

12" Vinyl + Digital Release

A1 Catcan & Starving Insect - Merged With Silence
A2 Starving Insect - The Spike Fields
B1 Catscan & Starving Insect - The Rainmaker
B2 Starving Insect - Cursed

Releases August 25th 2023


Artwork by Unexpected Spectre
"Cursed" & "The Spike Fields" mastered by Sacerdos Vigilia

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