• Following breakout releases on Love-Hz, Heresy, Genosha and Meta4 Recordings, rising industrial hardcore producer Strange Arrival makes his debut on PRSPCT Recordings. Inspired by a range of science fiction literature, cinema and narrative video games, Anticitizen channels the eerie atmospheres of post-apocalyptic wastelands and the artist's own feelings of isolation into a moody, rollicking four-track self portrait in sound. This one is for all the anticitizens out there! Release date: 11th June 2021 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • As most of you must know by now Colombia is PRSPCT's home in South America. The injustice and violent acts committed by the government and police is outrages and needs to stop. For weeks now Colombians are marching the streets daily fighting this regime and they deserve our help and support. To try and help our Colombian family in these dark times we have designed this limited edition "Resiste Colombia" T-Shirt of which ALL profits will be donated to to the following charity: Minga Soundsystem The funds will be used to finance the soundsystems, trucks, power plants and travel of artists who will perform free of charge to encourage support and communicate the causes and organisation of the national strike + the Minga Indígena in different parts of Bogotá and also to support other cities such as Cali and Popayán who are undergoing violent police retaliations. This shirt will only be on sale for 5 days so show your support and buy this shirt. Our Colombian brother's & sisters deserve our help.
  • Here at PRSPCT we have a ton of amazing music in production at the moment. Unfortunately (due to covid) the production time of vinyl is taking a lot longer than usual. To give you guys a little taste of thing to come we have compiled this sampler featuring 14 brand new tracks by various PRSPCT recordings artists. Also included on this compilation is special a VIP remix of Wartrack by Dolphin & Teknoist. BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • After the MASSIVE Coco and the Cat EP for PRSPCT RVLT, the one and only Coco Bryce is back with his first solo EP for PRSPCT Recordings. At once lush, dreamy, soulful and dark, Sound Dimensions taps four nostalgic jungle rollers from one of Holland's greatest modern junglists. Track list: A1: Sound Dimensions A2: The Mad One B1: The Cosmic Muffin B2: Bait Hoven Release Date: 02 April 2021 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • For PRSPCT 251 Zombie Cats & Sinister Souls got together to produce 2 banging drum & bass smashers. Tracklist: 01: Hard Spin 02: X-Step Release Date: March 24th 2021. BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • Y5 is the first EP from Celsius, Epileptik's own master of darkcore, since his retirement from the scene in 2005. 3 Solo tracks and 1 remix by [KRTM] Track list: A1: Y5 A2: Y4 ([KRTM] Remix) B1: The Descent B2: Basics222 Available as 12″ vinyl & digital formats. Release Date: 12 March 2021 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
  • 2020... What can we say... At least we manages to release some great music by great artists again. Here is a selection of tracks that hit the streets in 2020 on PRSPCT recordings. 01: Dolphin - Phonoaestetica 02: [KRTM] - Man With Knife 03: Limewax - Jungled Vibes 04: Somniac One - hard Synths ’92 05: The DJ Producer - Can’t Describe It 06: AnD - Hangar 51 07: Hallucinator & Maztek - Wall of Death 08: Dolphin - Runnin’ Out Of Cream 09: Shadow Sect & Dope D.O.D. - STFU 10: Adamant Scream & Thrasher - Disorder 11: Limewax - Gary White 12: Mandidextrous - The Flight To Vienna (The DJ Producer Arial Assault Mix) 13: Detest & Tripped - Bag of Dicks 14: Shadows - Braindance 15: Micromakine - Grip Design (Fracture 4’s Seeds Of Doubt Remix) 16: Hallucinator - Distortion of Reality 17: Somniac One - Kill Everyone (Deathmachine Remix) 18: Dolphin - London 19: Detest - Witch Hunt (Detest lockdown 2020 Remix) 20: Splinter Cell - Apocalypse 21: Mandidextrous - The Flight To Vienna (Boxxi Mix)
  • PRSPCT Radio T-Shirt with Mast logo on the front

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