Tugie – End Of Days EP (PRSPCTXTRMDigi015)

Here lies Tugie.. Rotting in his grave after to many years of self destruction and kickdrum overdose. Tugie lived the life. Hardcore as f***, to the bone and beyond. May he RIP. Lucky for us here at PRSPCT we got to release his final blow out with a bang which is this 4 tracker. Arguably some of his best work to date! But don’t cry just yet boys & girls. Tristan Corbet aka Tugie did not die and go to heaven. That last would simply be impossible anyway lol.. No, hell will have to wait a bunch of years still as this this man only buried his artist name Tugie and will from now on start his new musical journey under the name “Rogue”.
So.. Tugie is dead and long live Rogue!
01: Earbanger
02: Kill The Noise
03: Total Damnation
04: Black Out
Available only in digital formats.
Release: 14 November 2018
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