Tripped - Turbulence / Complain Campaign (Bring Me To The Rave) EP


Introducing an explosive release by Belgian badman Tripped (Madback Records). Brace yourself for two relentless tracks fueled by fierce pounding 140 BPM industrial hardcore.

First up is "Turbulence," delivering an adrenaline-fueled experience with an imminent distorted vibe. The filter sweep kicks take you on a wild journey, reminiscent of the iconic Promo File screaming kicks.

Next, "Complain Campaign (Bring Me To The Rave)" with its pounding in your face rave attitude. This track hits harder than your abusive ex spouse with its loud distorted kick switches and unstoppable flow.

Mark your calendars for July 21st 2023, as these brain cracking tracks will be unleashed.

Digital Release

01 Tripped - Turbulence
02 Tripped - Complain Campaign (Bring Me To The Rave)

Releases July 21st 2023


Photo by Victoria Chhim
Editing by Creative Noise Trash
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Francis Jaques

Previews on Soundcloud

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