Sinister Souls - Trinity EP

Drum & Bass badman Sinister Souls back on PRSPCT with a brutal 3 track EP that hits harder than Mike Tyson!

For the Trinity EP Sinister Souls aka Fred Meijer collaborated with 3 artists. Adding a wide variation of flavour while still managing to stick to that hard hitting signature Sinister Souls sound we love to make love to!

Kickstarting the EP with the track "Full Auto".
A killer collaboration with dnb legend Counterstrike that would be best described as a freight train on steroids. High energy dance floor slammer INCOMING!

Following up with a brutal collaboration with Lisbon's finest C-Netik called "Therapy".
Pots & Pans, 4/4 Kickdrums. Pure fucking mayhem. Some "weaklings" might need Therapy after listening to this one. You have been warned!

Finishing off this 3 track EP with a heavy drum & bass roller called "Shootout".
A quality collab with talented Prague based producer Shmidoo that simply rocks out hard.

We are sure you will love this release as much as we do and give it a 5 star rating on Yelp.

Big love, PRSPCT

releases May 3, 2023

Full Auto: written & produced by Fred Meijer & Justin Scholtemeyer
Therapy: written & produced by Fred Meijer & David Barbosa Rodrigues
Shootout: written & produced by Fred Meijer & Vladimir Smida
All songs mastered by Fred Meijer
Artwork by Emmy van de Giessen

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