Switch Technique – Soul Grind LP Part 3 (PRSPCTEP021Digi)

Poland’s nr. 1 Hardcore Drum & Bass export product ‘Switch Technique’ is back on PRSPCT with an extra special release. This talented producer has written a monster album that we’ll be releasing in 4 stages this upcoming year.
Soul Grind EP part 3 is all about taking the musical journey to the next level. Four tracks again containing all things great this artist is known for. Crushing snares, brutal kicks and all of this sounding like a whole metal works factory produced it. Hard as nails!
01: Technocratism
02: Evil Dance (ft. Gancher & Ruin)
03: Bad Sequence
04: Everyone (ft. Sinister Souls)
Available only in digital formats.
Release: 03 October 2018
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