Sinister Souls – Unleash The Beast LP - Sampler (PRSPCTLP016S)

Sinister Souls have been working hard this past year to complete their 3rd full length album. Unleash the Beast contains 2 tracks that will also feature on that highly anticipated album.
Fantasia is a monster collab with Russian duo Gancher & Ruin. An epic 80’s influenced intro that builds up the tention till the point where you know things can only become epic. And thats exactly what happens. When this tune drops its impossible to not lose your sh**. 110% dancefloor biz!
Unleash the Beast is exactly that. Signature Sinister souls four to the floor stomping drum & bass done in a way only sinister Souls can do it.
01: Unleash The Beast
02: Fantasia (ft. Gancher & Ruin)
Available only in digital formats.
Release: 16 January 2019

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