Deathmachine - Mutilated for 2023


Deathmachine - Mutilated for 2023 VIP Remix EP

Deathmachine's Mutability LP hit hard when it dropped on December 3rd 2021. Showcasing this iconic UK based artist's most diverse work to date. An intriguing journey taking the listener to all far corners of the Deathmachine spectrum. From Drum & Bass to Techno, Industrial Hardcore to UK Grime and much much more. Getting heavy support from many of the big players in all these different genres.

Mutilated for 2023 contains three 175 BPM VIP remixes of tracks taken from the Mutability album reworked by the man himself.

A ferocious hardcore & drum & bass treat to calm our hunger while we eagerly wait for Deathmachine's brand new music planned in to the streets later this year.

Play them loud or.... Don't play them at all!

Digital Release

01 Deathmachine - Exoskeleton VIP
02 Deathmachine - Photon Pain VIP
03 Deathmachine - Atoms Of Honesty VIP

Written and produced by Stef Eyre
Artwork by Krytika
Mastered by Stef Eyre


Release date: September 20th 2023

Previews on SoundCloud

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