Blockdata - Hybrid / Inertia EP

Blockdata is the creative alter ego of Gavin Hislop, a talented Scottish-born producer, sound designer, and captivating live performer. Having already graced respected labels such as Othercide, Close2Death, Ohm Resistance, and Therapy Sessions, it was about time for a debut release on PRSPCT Recordings.

This two-track EP is one serious piece of work. Blockdata showcasing his profound passion for harsh hard-hitting, snare-heavy Drum and Bass that smacks you in the face, punches you in your gut leaving you begging for more abuse..

Damn have we been longing for more of these pots and pan tracks. Thanks frack for Blockdata!

Digital Release
Tracklist:01 Blockdata - Hybrid02 Blockdata - Inertia

Artwork by Machine™


Releases August 18, 2023


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