PRSPCTLP019 – Dolphin – Ebbs & Flows LP


Dolphins newset LP ‘Ebbs & Flows’ featuring 16 tracks over 3 vinyls.

Each record is a different chapter with its own story.

Available as 3×12″ vinyl in gatefold sleeve, & CD.

Release: 27 November 2020

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A message from Dolphin:

After the release of my first album, ‘Information Asymmetry’, I started thinking about how I could take my productions to the next level. I spent a year studying music theory and piano from an amazing teacher and musician, Jordan Hunt. Together we broke down compositions by artists like Nils Frahm and Beethoven in order to try and understand their musical trickery –– what made these pieces so emotionally powerful? Armed with a wealth of new musical knowledge, the first track I wrote was “Ebbs”, quickly followed by “Flows”. From there the album took the form of a triptych, a body of work divided into three parts, with each part responding to a different element of the human experience. More on that soon…

The artwork has been designed in collaboration with Bo from URRU, which really sums up the sense of shifting states at the heart of ‘Ebbs & Flows’.


Chapter One

A1 – Golden Linings
A2 – Phonaesthetica
B1 – Hollow Ground
B2 – Ghost Notes
B3 – Retrocausality

Chapter Two

C1 – Ebbs
C2 – The Extinction of Silence
D1 – Flows
D2 – Descension
D3 – Polyhymnia

Chapter Three

E1 – The Monster
E2 – London
E3 – Proustian Rush
F1 – The Waltzer
F2 – Heavy Hitter
F3 – Causa Sui

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