PRSPCTLP013 – [KRTM] – Consumer (The Worst Of KRTM) (Forthcoming)


If there is one album that we would take with us an a desert island its this one. The worst of [KRTM] is one of the most refreshing records we have heard in a long time. Perfectly blending industrial Techno and Hardcore to one unique beautiful/terrifying work of art.

We could almost write a book on how unique and great this album is but lets just stop here and let the music do the talking.

All Hail [KRTM]!

A1: Shrink
A2: Bald Boy
B1: Purple Fucking Head
B2: Beach
C1: Sleepwalker
C2: Chaser (Monkey With Shotgun)
D1: Touch Me
D2: Speedboy
E1: Pigeon
E2: Consumer (Epidemic Dancing)
F1: Gum & Something That Puts You In A Wheelchair (ft. TWAN)
F2: Marla Singer – Claviceps Purpurea ([KRTM] Remix)

Release: 15 June 2018

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Format : Vinyl

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Release: June 15, 2018
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[KRTM], Marla Singer, TWAN