PRSPCTEP018Digi – Switch Technique – Soul Grind LP Part 2 (Forthcoming)


Poland’s nr. 1 Hardcore Drum & Bass export product ‘Switch Technique’ is back on PRSPCT with an extra special release. This talented producer has written a monster album that we’ll be releasing in 4 stages this upcoming year. Stage 1 blew many peoples minds. Well better buckle up as here is Part 2 of this crushing project! Listen to the first piece of the second instalment and get ready for way more to come!

Check out the other parts here: Part 1 (May 2nd), Part 3 (Okt 3th) and Part 4 (Dec 12th).

01: Dead Renegades
02: Casual Folk Music (ft. Dart MC)
03: Till Death Do Us Part
04: The Task (ft. Deathmachine)

Release: 04 July 2018

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Release: July 4, 2018

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Deathmachine, MC Dart, Switch Technique