PRSPCT037 – Loop Stepwalker & DjAssassin – Terraformer EP


On this Terraformer EP Loop Stepwalker, DjAssassin and eRRe strike harder then the Spanish Armada ever did. Which is a good thing as both the Dutch and the English gave them a heavy ass whooping a few hundred years back..

But hey this is not a history lesson you might be thinking? What does this have to do with this release? No you’re totally right. This has nothing to do with this release but sometimes it’s difficult to describe a release without using the same standard descriptions almost every drum & bass sales note uses. Killer Snares, filthy bass lines bla bla etc etc.. Yeah whatever.

Were gonna quit it here. 3 dudes from Spain with 2 rocking tracks that fit perfect in the whole PRSPCT Hardcore Drum & Bass Saga.

Just buy the tracks and play them loud will ya!

01: Terraformer
02: Listen Up (ft. eRRe)

Release: 25 September 2019

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