• The final part of this huge 4 stage release by Switch technique is the final piece of the puzzle completing his impressive full length album. The ultimate showcase of this talented Polish producer presenting all things great he stands for. Hard as nails drum & bass with an extra brutal dose of industrial hardcore thrown in there for that extra dose of power. Here at PRSPCT we love this album to bits and we are sure you will do too! Tracks: 01: Roll Hard 02: Ostara (ft. Lucy Furr) 03: Timelapse 04: Fear Shifter (ft. Freqax) 05: Dead Renegades 06: Casual Folk Music (ft. MC Dart) 07: Till Death Do Us Part 08: The Task (ft. Deathmachine) 09: Technocratism 10: Evil Dance (ft. Gancher & Ruin) 11: Bad Sequence 12: In My Perfect World (ft. Robyn Chaos) 13: Distorted Life (ft. Katharsys) 14: Mindgames (ft. The Clamps) 15: Doctor Wrecker (ft. Limewax) 16: Everyone (ft. Sinister Souls) 17: Evil Dance VIP (ft. Gancher & Ruin) 18: Dead Renegades VIP 19: Till Death Do Us Part VIP 20: Roll Hard VIP Available as 2xCD album & digital formats. Release: 01 February 2019 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE
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    The dark lord himself has been creating a big stir in both the Hardcore and Drum & Bass scene these last few years. On his first full length album for PRSPCT The Satan has taken his time to create a hard as nails and diverse quality album taking us listeners all across the board and in to the darkest pits off hell. Pounding Hardcore Kicks, crushing snares and a ton of audio violent filth delivered with a production level that is simply not of this earth. Nine solo tracks + a diabolic collaboration with PRSPCT label boss Thrasher make this an album a must have for every fan of the more XTRM side of electronic music. All Hail The Satan! Tracks: A1: Bass Feeling A2: Bombs B1: You Are Sick B2: Cyborg C1: Our Hell (ft. Thrasher) C2: Black List D1: Enemy D2: Kicks Up 09: My Game (CD & Digital Bonus) 10: I Am The Darkness (CD & Digital Bonus) Available as 2×12″ colored Vinyl, CD album & digital formats. Release: 09 November 2018 BUY DIGITAL FILE HERE

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