PDCST062 – Thrasher – This Is PRSPCT XL29

PDCST062 – Thrasher – This Is PRSPCT XL29
PRSPCT Podcast

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by Thrasher!


For PRSPCT PDCST 062 PRSPCT’s Big Kahuna THRASHER got behind the wheels of steel for an extra special mix in honour of PRSPCT XL29 that will be held December 21st in Maassilo, Rotterdam.

For this PDCST Thrasher’s focus was to include music from almost all the artists that are performing at XL29. From the Pounding Industrial Techno sounds of the artists in the SSSPCR area to the brutal out of the box Hardcore of the XTRM area. And from the Jungle Breakcore killers in the RVLT area to the full on hard as nails Drum & Bass of the DnB area. This mix contains it all!

1 hour, 42 track, 130 BPM to 220 BPM mixed by Thrasher.
Now click play, blast away and get in that PRSPCT XL29 Zone!

Grab your ticket for PRSPCT XL29 here: prspct.nl/tickets
Missing out on this one is missing out on life and you only got 1 of those remember.

Hit the play button and take it like a man!

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  1. Mobius – Ruby My Dear (Love Love Records))
  2. Dream Syntax – Tim Tama (PRSPCT SSSPCR)
  3. Fiend – [KRTM & Ansom (PRSPCT SSSPCR)
  4. Sharp Like A Razor – Clouds (Headstrong Records)
  5. Sleepwalker – [KRTM] (PRSPCT)
  6. A Journey Of Force – The DJ Producer (LFO’s Wizzards Sleeve Remix) (?)
  7. Dad Bodies Everywhere – Somniac One (PRSPCT XTRM)
  8. Placebo – [KRTM] Feat Thrasher (PRSPCT SSSPCR)
  9. You Don’t Belong – Somniac One (PRSPCT XTRM)
  10. Misty Menace – Strange Arrival (Industrialize)
  11. Magnetism – Deathmachine (Genosha)
  12. Grip Design – Micromakine (Fracture 4 Remix) (PRSPCT XTRM)
  13. Murderize – Somniac One (PRSPCT XTRM)
  14. Disorder – Adamant Scream & Thrasher (PRSPCT XTRM)
  15. Next Victim – The 3Eyed (PRSPCT XTRM)
  16. Enter The Shogun – Tommy the cat (PRSPCT RVLT)
  17. Cobwebs – Strange Arrival (LoveHrtz)
  18. Particle Radiation – Synthakt & Counterstrike (PRSPCT)
  19. Absolute Zero – Merikan (Blackout)
  20. Whiplash – Pythius & Nuklear (Blackout)
  21. SFN – Katharsys & Brainpain (Barcode)
  22. World At War – Sinister Souls (PRSPCT)
  23. Complete Darkness – Counterstrike (Algorythm)
  24. Mechanical Mindz – Splinter Cell (PRSPCT XTRM)
  25. Spicy Bois – Limewax, Thrasher, Switch Technique & Dieselboy (PRSPCT)
  26. Industrial Gabber – Densha Crisis (Industrialize)
  27. The Nightmare Connector – DJ Hidden (PRSPCT)
  28. Khanivore – Meander aka Ophidian (PRSPCT XTRM)
  29. Garlic – Densha Crisis & Tymon (Karnage)
  30. Sonar – Deathmachine (Genosha)
  31. Runnin Out Of Cream – Dolphin (PRSPCT XTRM)
  32. Total Damnation – Tugie aka R0gue (PRSPCT XTRM)
  33. Galactic Human – Akira & Khaos Engine (Triple G)
  34. Bad Man Crew – Deathmachine (Oblivion)
  35. Gangzta Cash – The Satan (PRSPCT XTRM)
  36. The Sixteen – Hellfish & Akira (Fish and Rice)
  37. Garbage – Dolphin (PRSPCT XTRM)
  38. Beast Metal – Hellfish (PRSPCT XTRM)
  39. Synapsids VIP – Deathmachine (TTM)
  40. Future Incognito – The DJ Producer (Heresy)
  41. Keep It Hardcore – Hellfish (Deathchant)
  42. Hong Kong Pingpong – Dolphin (Hong Kong Violence)

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