“PRSPCT is for a lot of people these days, a lot of kids, a lot of artists, an important thing at the moment… and that can stress me the fuck out”
Film maker Adriaan De Koning followed Gareth de Wijk a.k.a. Thrasher in the year PRSPCT reached its 15th year of existence. He created this documentary which tells the story of PRSPCT and how the DIY mentality from punk helped Thrasher create a successful independent label.
PRSPCT was born from the debris of the punkrock ethos, responsible for merging drum & bass, hardcore and breakcore to one scene and culture.

>> Released over¬†200 albums, EP’s and 12″ records.

>>> Label nights and festival hostings in over 30 different countries worldwide.

>>>> Hundreds of events and still going strong, continuously thriving forward to release the utmost brutal music they love the most.

This is PRSPCT.

“It’s definitely not for normal people.”


  • Gareth de Wijk

  • Maxim Anokhin

  • Rene Verdult

  • Raymundo Hooten

  • Nicky de Jong

  • Harm Haverman

  • Malin Kolbrink

  • Tom Hamel

  • Raak! Events

  • Nynke van Huet

  • Frank Nitzinsky

  • Micha Heyboer

  • Candy Hempel

  • Wilko De Pundert

  • Justin Scholtemeyer

  • Milan Heyboer

  • Wilfred Verhees

  • Max de Wijk

& All the artists involved