Miss Hysteria goes Adamant Scream: It’s time for a change!

Miss Hysteria changes artist name to Adamant Scream!

Malin Kolbrink, the artist behind both aliasses, launched her new project ‘Adamant Scream’ a while ago with a banging debut ep. Her renewed vision on music resulted in a new music direction. To give this project the main focus, she decided to drop the Miss Hysteria alias and release all the future work as ‘Adamant Scream’.

     It’s time for a change!

Expect a fresh and cruchy vibe, ready for the future. A exemplary portrayal of everything Industrial. Leading through the BPMs, Malin covers many of our favourite flavours seamlessly and takes us on a real journey of sounds. Adamant Scream combines the most ruthless kicks with the delicacy of a variety of musical instruments. This results in remarkble djset that bring diversity to your line-up. The bpm range will be somewhere between 150 and 200, depending on the timeslot of the festival. This variety in tempo can also be found in her productions. As we said, there are no rules!

We, at PRSPCT, love Malin for who she is – no matter under what name she operates. Because of that we’ve adopted Adamant Scream to our label & artist agency roster right away! Check out her page HERE!