Enter THE DEAD CVLT. Bringing together the worst of a bunch of worlds. This is a supergroup that consists of hardcore drum & bass legends Thrasher and Limewax, next to hardcore punk legends Lemmy and Sjarm13.


By now it’s obvious this ship is sinking. Extreme conformism, hate mongering and bottom feeding are just background noise to a world that is slowly asphyxiating while at the same time drowning in it’s own filth. Humans are reduced to waste. Our leaders are children. Our artists tell us nothing is wrong and offer up some endless navel gazing, nostalgic nihilism and saccharine denial. This world and everyone in it deserves to be wiped from history. Fuck you.

The list of associated acts is endless, but if you’re in the know than you know that this severely violent clash of cultures is harder, darker and punker as fucker. Leaving no trace of extreme music untouched, THE DEAD CVLT go from black metal to drum ‘n bass, from hardcore punk to even gabber at the drop of a fucking kick drum. I’ve heard it and it hurts. Most importantly, all of this is 100% live. That means made on real instruments. No fake laptop act. Fuck you.






By now it’s obvious this ship is sinking. THE DEAD CVLT seem intent on stomping it further down until it’s disintegrated somewhere deep under the ocean floor. And you know what? You brought this onto yourselves.

Peace and may god be with you. Fuck you.

Boydina Rixe, 2018