All started ages ago in a dark moldy basement aka Call Center somewhere in Southtyrol/Italy where a mysterious creature infected by centipedes and radioactive mushrooms had nothing to do and started crawling around noisy gatherings. During this journeys he started discovering his passion for dark-distorted sounds acid basslines and heavy rough kicks mashed up with bone-crushing drums and funky breakbeats!

RUDI RATTE delivers a unique and special kind of low & heavy music by combining different kinds of noizes, deliverering a melting pot of; Techno; Rave; Acid; Breaks; Industrial; Tekno; Drum N Bass Hardcore and everything in between and beyond.

Through being one of the first members of Culture Assault Records he got the opportunity to play at mostly all important events, clubs and mountain forest raves in and around Southtyrol, North Italy. In 2014 he moved on to Rotterdam to infect the masses with his music. Instantly he started to play at legal and illegal parties around the Nehterlands followed by some gigs abroad.

In short time he also became part of the PRSPCT Family by hosting regularly the Radio Shows and playing ad several PRSPCT events at Worm Rotterdam, PRSPCTXL Editions at the Maassilo/Factory010 and more… In 2017 Rudi Ratte also started to spin records at some of the biggest Dutch Hardcore events like for example Dominator, Decibel Outdoor and Hardshock Festival!

– RooR and a lot of other weird things made this possible –