Rogue is the re-spawned alias of the long time hardcore veteran “Tugie”
Hailing from Liverpool Uk, with this new venture his focus has now expanded to not only Hardcore, but Drum & Base, and some base orientated, experimental projects.

He will still be keeping his sets hitting hard and full of ‘heavy-in-your-face’ hardcore beats, whilst mixing it up with serious hard DnB – but with a view to throwing audio curve balls at the dance floor that could take any musical form, depending on the crowd in front of him!!

After 20 years in the business, countless big releases with some of the world’s largest and best labels  as “Tugie” it’s now time to spice things up and start fresh in 2019 with a brand new sound and a new direction to keep it fresh & current!!

Here at PRSPCT we pride ourselves as being at the for front of cutting edge, diverse music, which can only be conveyed by the quality of our artists and Rogue is no exception to our standards!!