MC Mike Redman (aka Deformer) is a veteran and a public’s favorite. While most MC’s tend to destroy dj sets by using verbal diarrhea, Redman sticks to his ‘less is more’ concept and delivers punchlines when you need them.

With his aggressive style and energetic appearance, he salutes the DJ and makes the crowd go wild in the meantime. You can put this guy anywhere, but he’ll be at is best when the music is savage. Hardcore, Breakcore, Early Rave, Terror, Industrial, Jungle and Drum’n Bass are second nature to him.

Mike Redman has been around and shared international stages with some of the biggest artists at the greatest events and festivals. His resume is to extensive to publish and so is the list of artists that he made records with. If you have never come across Mike Redman, you must’ve been at the wrong place at the wrong time…