Li-Z is a Dutch female DJ based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

After becoming involved in different musical genres starting in the gabber scene in the ’90s, and later on the underground Tekno scene, Li-Z started to collect vast amounts of music before actually becoming a DJ around 2007. During this time, she also became a founding member of the infamous Hit ‘n Run Soundsystem who launched the successful cross-genre event Circus Overdrive at Pand14, Westerunie and Undercurrent in Amsterdam, as well as twice hosting a stage at the massive Q-base festival in Germany!

As a DJ, Li-Z has performed at a wide variety of parties, ranging from underground warehouse parties in the Czech Republic to famous venues like Paard van Troje in The Hague. She has developed her own unique, eclectic style, combining old and new sounds, raw techno and fierce industrial beats, drum ‘n bass, haunting melodies, breakbeats, hardcore and oldskool rave mayhem. Her mixing is fast, bold, effective and original and filled with a rare collection of tunes that are guaranteed to impress everyone from the mainstage festival crew to the true underground freaks.