FFF – Triple Times F started “djing” on 2 turntables (without pitch control) early 90s. Mixing mainly rave, techno and the sparse UK breakbeat hardcore imports that arrived at the local record shops.
First steps into making music: combining sounds from vinyl mixed with tapeloops, sounds from his sisters keyboard and a lot of feedback. Things changed big time when his parents bought a PC and his friends turned him onto tracker software.
FFF will be setting fire to dancefloors with chopped breaks, deadly deep subs, soundclash mentality and pure euphoria. Live you can expect amen warfare, hoovers, rave horns and tropical vibes with elements of jungle, rave, bubbling, dancehall and gabber. Beeing a fundamental part of Ketacore Records and releases on Murder Channel this guy is definitely more than approved in the whole scene. Also all his PRSPCT RVLT releases are completely wiiiiiicked!
Can I get an AMEN! ?!?!