Dolphin Official is a Hardcore, Techno, Gabber DJ and producer from the UK. TechNinjaGhettoCore banging on your front door. We know this guy already for a looong time as he released awesome solo tracks and brutal collaborations with for example The Teknoist on labels such as Deathchant, Rebelscum, Peacemaker, Ninja Columbo, Hong Kong Violence and even Planet MU while he is also running his own littel label Komplex Kommunications.
So this was more than enough to sign this beast to PRSPCT Recordings. Of course he don’t disappointed us and delivered straight away two of the most awesome XTRM releases of the last years. Showing his skills in creating atmospheric punchy rave tracks with a slight touch of acid in his first release and going all in for his second by switching straight into Hardcore Gangster mode by putting his Raiders Cap on. Something more we can tell is that this one of a kind producer is working on an Album for us and it is going to be killer again! So get in contact and let this guy rock your party! If your not sure yet his PDCST for PRSPCT will convince you for sure.