At very young age Daniel aka Detest already developed a big interest in genres as Drum ‘n Bass & Hardcore. In 2005 he started producing and was very successful right from the beginning.

Combining his love for Drum ‘n Bass and hardcore brought him a lot of good things. He released on famous labels like PRSPCT, Deathchant, Rebelscum etcetera. His live performing began shortly after his first productions but got really serious after his records on the Deathchant label and being part of the Deathchant vs.Pacemaker Tour.

Playing his gigs around Europe since 2009, he has already performed at huge events like Nightmare, Q-Base, Dominator, Defqon, PRSPCT XL and so on. With his really distinctive style of Hardcore and Breaks Detest is one of the most varied live acts in the Hardcore scene. His PRSPCT release with “ Witch Hunt” on the A Side was a earworm for such a long time but we tell you a secret: Detest is working on a whole Album for PRSPCT that will still drop this year.

We love this man here at PRSPCT HQ and that’s would you should do to so book this awesome German guy for your event!