Find practical information about our shipping policy, how to return your order and what to do in case of a damaged arrival below!
Damaged Delivery

Transport from our warehouse to the customer’s delivery address is provided by premium courier services from UPS. Even though they’re able to provide quick and secure deliveries worldwide: there’s always a chance an accident could happen while in transit to the receiver. Sometimes this results in one (or more) item(s) arriving damaged at the destination. 

In case of a damaged arrival it is important to report the damage as soon as possible. Make sure to follow the procedure as described below, this enables us to find a solution for this matter by for example shipping out replacements or sending a refund for your order.


Each parcel delivered by UPS is insured for getting damaged and/or other accidents. In order to find a satisfying solution it is mandatory to report any damaged arrivals within 48 hours from the moment of delivery / collection at local pick-up point. Reports can be filed by contacting or filling out the ‘Report Damaged Arrival’ section below. Make sure to include your order number!

Take Pictures

It’s highly recommended to take pictures of the transport package as how it was delivered, this includes visible outer damage and the shipping label as originally attached or if the package was already opened make sure to take pictures of the affected items inside. We as the shipper can request the receiver to send us pictures that could help us processing the damage claim. Have you already made pictures and haven’t heard from our side? Feel free to send them in on, they might be useful!

Damaged Goods Inspection

The shipper, PRSPCT Recordings and/or Triple Vision, will notify UPS based on the arrival report from the receiver. In most cases UPS will try to collect the package (exactly re-packed as delivered) for a damaged goods inspection before we’re able to file a claim with their insurance policy. Make sure to keep packaging materials (including original shipping label) available at all times so the package can be re-packed exactly as received. Note that UPS is not be able to inspect the delivery if original packing material is no longer available, meaning that they can not be held responsible for any additional repair/replacements costs caused by this damaged delivery.

After 48 hour limit

Reports filed after 48 hours are no longer eligible for a damage inspection and can not be processed into insurance claims with the transporter. PRSPCT Recordings and Triple Vision can not be held responsible for any losses and/or customer compensation if the report was filed after the 48 hour limit.

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Report Damaged Arrival

We're sorry to hear that you've encountered a damaged arrival with the delivery of your order. Please try to add as many specific details as possible and we'll make sure to solve this matter as soon as we can!

Please make sure to include as many important details as possible in this report and check that all given contact details are 100% correct. Your phone number and email address will be used in case UPS wants to collect the parcel for damage inspection.

To get this situation solved more quickly we would like to remind you sending us any pictures taken of the damage and/or package that could help our case. Please send them to and include the order number as email subject.

Return Policy

Even though we don’t ­­­expect it, it could be possible that you’re not entirely satisfied with one (or more) of the items that you’ve received with your order. Since we prefer customer satisfaction in the end we’ve made it possible to return items within 14 days from the moment of delivery/collection at local pick-up point.

If you prefer to return an item please make sure to notify us within 14 days from arrival and before return shipping the package. Return requests submitted after the 14 day limit will not be accepted and are no longer eligible for a refund. Have you received a damaged item? Damaged arrivals have to be reported within 48 hours from delivery/collection, please proceed to our ‘Damaged Arrival’ section for more information. Make sure to keep the original transport package available with the shipping label attached to it!

Request a Return

To request a return please send an email to and make sure to include the order number, the product(s) that you prefer to return and a brief explanation why. We’ll send you a reply as soon as possible with instructions how to proceed with the return shipment.

Return Conditions

Products that will be returned must meet the following:

  • Product is unused & unwashed.
  • Original packaging material must be included with the return items (shirts/hoodies in plastic bag with the size sticker attached to it, mugs in their box etc.).
  • Return requests have to be shipped within 7 days from the moment that we approve the return and provide delivery instructions. We highly recommend to use mail services with tracking info in order to prevent for a possible loss of the package. It will also ensure a quick & secure handling of the return + refund. PRSPCT Recordings and Triple Vision can not be held responsible for damaged or lost return parcels. Return shipping will be at own risk until the delivery at our warehouse!
  • Return shipping costs will have to be paid by the customer, PRSPCT Recordings and Triple Vision can not be held responsible for return charges unless a mistake was made with the delivery of your order (make sure to contact us first!).
  • Once the return shipment has arrived we will check the condition of the product(s) inside, after which we’ll provide a refund to the customer. Return shipments are usually processed into a refund in 1-5 business days from arriving at our warehouse in Rotterdam, NL, in busy periods return processing can take up to 14 days on maximum.
  • Shipping charges as paid with your order can not be refunded. Only customers from inside The Netherlands can receive a full refund for the paid shipping costs (not return costs!) once all items from the order have been returned to the seller within 14 days from the moment of delivery. Shipping charges can not be refunded if the customer decides to keep an item instead of returning all products.
Excluded from Return

The following items are excluded from return and/or can not be refunded once purchased, unless physical items contain a manufacturing mistake:

  • Returned items that do not meet the conditions as stated above.
  • Used and/or washed products.
  • Damaged arrivals that haven’t been reported.
  • Purchased Music (both digital as vinyl/cd formats).
  • Purchased Event Tickets.
General Shipping Info

All orders submitted in the PRSPCT Recordings webshop will be processed & dispatched by our distribution partner Triple Vision Record Distribution, situated in Rotterdam – The Netherlands. Orders are processed from Monday till Friday and usually shipped out within 24-48 hours from receiving the payment confirmation. Transport of physical orders is mainly provided by courier UPS and include a tracking number for each order/package. For some items and/or destinations shipping with regular mail services (+ tracking) can be selected upon checkout.

Once an order is shipped you will receive a shipped and/or order complete notification, including a link to the tracking page of the parcel. Depending on the destination and selected delivery service UPS provides worldwide deliveries in 1-5 business days from collection at our warehouse. Orders shipped with regular mail services can take up to 28 days from shipping out. Once the package is delivered to the provided address or local pick-up location a delivery notification will be send.

Address & Contact Details

Please make sure to provide 100% correct delivery address details and include a correct phone number & email address. Incorrect and/or insufficient address details can cause delays with the delivery. UPS will try to contact the receiver in order to correct/update the address for a new delivery attempt. If it turns out that the package can not be delivered UPS will return the shipment to Triple Vision in Rotterdam, NL.

Delivery inside the European Union

Shipping can be provided to a home or work address and for some country’s local pick-up locations can be selected with the Service Point locator. If the first delivery attempt at the provided address fails the driver can decide to leave the package at a local Access Point. Drivers are instructed to leave an InfoNotice in the mailbox if this is applied.

Parcels delivered to Access Points (pick-up locations) have to be collected within 8-10 days from the moment of delivery. Address details & opening times can be found at the tracking page of the shipment. A government issued Photo-ID is required for successful collection of the package. 

Delivery outside the European Union

For order destinations outside the European Union it’s possible that the transporter charges the delivery with import duties & taxes, depending on the regulations of your country. If applied, charges will have to be paid by the receiver in order to collect/receive the package. PRSPCT Recordings and Triple Vision can not be held responsible for these additional costs. 

The rules for importing good vary (a lot) per country in the world. For example US citizens can import duty free up to a value of $800, Canadian citizens will already have to pay import charges for 1 CD with a value of 10 euro. Important detail is that all parcels dispatched by PRSPCT Recordings or Triple Vision are marked with ‘import duties & taxes to be charged to receiver.’

For more info about regulations per country and exact rules for importing can be found with the Global Advisor from UPS. Origin country will always be The Netherlands for orders placed with PRSPCT Recordings.

Problems with the delivery?

Most delivery problems as incorrect address details can be solved easily by logging in to UPS My Choice (if supported in your country) or by calling local UPS customer services. Their phone number can be found at, make sure to keep the tracking number available while calling. 

If the problem can not be solved and/or the package hasn’t arrived after 7 days from the shipped notification, please make sure to contact so we can check for a solution and prevent for a return shipment.

Regular Mail Services

If the package hasn’t arrived after 28 days from shipping out please make sure to contact so we can check for a solution.

Non-deliverable Packages

In case a package can not be delivered or hasn’t been collected in time the transporter will return the shipment to Triple Vision in Rotterdam, NL. Return shipping costs are calculated by UPS and once the package has arrived return costs will be deducted from the refund to the customer.